Wooed by words (Tuesday SOL)

“I (write) for love, I (write) for me. I shout it out like a bird set free!”

When I find a great song, you know I’ll be belting it out in my car or room for weeks. Lyrics sometimes draw me in as equally (if not more) than the tune. “Bird set free” by Sia has been my anthem for about a month! It made it in my May playlist, of course, which I will post in a few days. I altered the lyrics for writing (she sings for love and for herself) – but the song pumps me up and fills me with such joy 🙂 

Writing is a great outlet for expressing yourself in a more honest and open way. Blogging definitely gives me a sense of pride as well as showing my creativity and quirkiness! Lyrics are simply words put to a tune, so they can show power and meaning in a new way. Listening to music and writing add a necessary sense of relaxation and happiness, which I love and wanted to share as my Slice of Life today.

10 thoughts on “Wooed by words (Tuesday SOL)

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