March Music 2018! (DAY 27/31 March SOL)


As the month comes to a close, it is time to pull together the songs I enjoyed and create a playlist of the top 12 songs 🙂 There were 15 to narrow down this time so not too tricky – usually the second time around, there are some songs that do not strike me as much anymore after listening. March has quite an array of genres and artists – from folk to rock to indie pop.

In no particular order, here are the songs that made the cut!

– “About you” G-flip

– “Keep it Out” Half Waif

– “Elizabeth Tower” Low Tide

– “Song in Stone” Iron and Wine

– “Cloudbusting” Kate Bush

– “Blk Girl Soldier” Jamila Woods

– “War Paint” Frankie Simone

– “Worth It” Haley Heynderickx”

– “One heart, two arms” Margaret Glaspy

– “Bird Tutorial” Sidney Gish

– “Come Meh Way” Sudan Archives

– “ABC 123” Tuneyards

You can also listen to the whole playlist on the music sidebar 🙂

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