April Showers Bring More Music!

I know it is almost the end of May… 😮 And I am only just doing the April playlist, but May has been a fairly busy month with weekend trips and applying to jobs and not having much time after work. I would keep saying to myself “I need to do the April list!” and then I would forget because there were always activities. AND April has way too many songs to narrow down to 12 – there were 21 tracks, and as I am writing this post, there are currently 19 written below.

It is great that there are so many different forms of genres and music out there; however, it makes it difficult when I have a month that has been filled. I had Spring Break in which I was listening to songs on the plane, in the car, and on walks around neighborhoods.

I finally sorted it down to 12 songs (after listening a few times to each song and with Nathan’s help!) I hope you enjoy the songs – Let me know which you like after listening on the sidebar 🙂

– “Lo/hi” The Black Keys

– “Barefoot in the park” James Blake

– “Koad” Yann Tiersen

– “I got you” The Black Shades

– “Come home” Anderson Paak

– “Genius” LSD

– “What about us” Gary Clark Jr.

– “Dreams” Japanese Breakfast

– “Naive” Theodore 

– “Down the line” Jacob Collier

– “Suckers prayer” Decemberists 

– “Sunlight” Nick Murphy 

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