Who is Hannah?

Welcome to Hannah’s Happenings!

I wanted a spot to include EVERY PART of who I am – teacher, cat lady, music lover, food eater/cook, writer, and wannabe gym rat.

I am just starting out as an elementary teacher, and love to share and reflect on my job as well as talk about interesting strategies or curriculum I discover. I have another blog where I walk you through my time in graduate school (newteachrtips.wordpress.com). However, I plan to use this blog to reflect on life because it keeps me sane and allows me to get out some of my creativity through writing! My cat, Patches, often steals the computer and writes very silly stories about his life as well 😮 

Music has been around me all my life – my dad and family friends constantly had records on while I was growing up, so I must share my love with you all 🙂 I will discuss my favorite artists, concerts I go to, my monthly playlists, and other interesting music topics. My mind is always surrounded by foodI am hungry every few hours (no matter how much I eat), so I will also be talking about yummy meals I either cook and eat at restaurants. 

I hope you enjoy reading the various pages of my life! *mow!* (Patches does too)