TAP TAP TAP! DAY 12/31 March SOL

As I am snoring on the bed trying to take a much needed nap, all I can hear is the TAP TAP TAP of Hannah. Can’t she tell that I am resting? I keep stretching and yawning so she can notice my difficulty to rest. But alas, the TAP TAP TAP TAP is a constant drone in my dreams. I suppose I must let it become a bird chirping or another feline meowing in order to stay asleep. TAP TAP TAP – I do not understand what she does with her hands at certain parts of the day. The TAPPING starts when she has the dreaded lap blocker, which makes it difficult for me to sit comfortably with her. *sigh of relief* TAP TAP TAP is slowing now, which can only mean she is almost done doing whatever that dreaded thing requires. Oh Thank the Heavens! I can sleep in peace. 



(personally DAY 4 of challenge, started late!)


11 thoughts on “TAP TAP TAP! DAY 12/31 March SOL

  1. Sometimes you just have to get up to see about those noises. Funny that you’re trying hard to ignore that “tapping”. Good luck next time!


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