Chapter 2: Shoving and shouting towards Spring Break!

You have entered into the first week of subbing for the 8-10 year old terrors. You walk in to the school on Wednesday morning, after accepting a long-term job. You grab the keys and sub necessities from the office. You walk down the maze of a school to the classroom. You make it to the room, and many teachers have stopped you on your way to warn you about the kids. Hearing this many times as a substitute, you are irritated but also worried by having to deal with a troubled class..again. You reach the classroom and start reading the teachers COPIOUS notes on how to manage the class.

It says they are a very structured class with bathroom/water clips (only two times a day), a clip up/down chart, NOISE and ARGUE written on the board to erase letters, and cookie compliments or brownie points they could earn. “Great.” You think with a sigh.

The bell rings. Kids start walking in with their breakfast. They are supposed to do morning work while they eat QUIETLY. The volume is already getting loud. You give reminders for doing morning work, and introduce yourself as you take attendance. Still very loud and not many of them working on the task. It is now reading time, but two boys have started getting angry as they pass each other to get the textbooks. Before you can even blink, one is on the floor and the other is punching and grabbing his face. A student grabs the phone and calls the office to help. It is only about 9:15 in the morning.

The day continues with lots of disrespect for you and your management. The kids are loud and more fights break out during each subject of the day.

The rest of the week goes similarly. But the kids have more fun because when they are finished with the assigned projects, they get to do games on the Ipads or draw. It is the last few days before Spring Break. You are ready for a much needed week away from these kids. It has only been THREE DAYS.

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