Collar Kerfuffle

A few months ago, Mom removed my collar because of something about my skin being “raw” on my neck. I didn’t really know what she meant – but felt so free in just my fur again! I was happily roaming around the house and relaxing 🙂

collar kerfuffle (2)

Every now and then, Hannah would look at the back of my neck (which I found irritating and confusing). I couldn’t see anything wrong on me, and it bothered me when she was messing up “my ‘do!” I overheard her telling Nathan that it looked like I was scabbing up and it seemed like a good thing because she would say it in a happier voice.

But then, a few days ago, my neck got itchy. It felt like just a regular itch, so I scratched as any kitty would. In the morning, Mom seemed more concerned and looked at my neck much more often….grr. She mentioned something about me “noking” the scab off and my fur being a bit red 😮 She started wiping my neck with water and put something called a “bandayd” on it. The water was so cold, but I didn’t really notice the “bandayd.” Apparently, it wasn’t “stiking” to my fur (according to Nathan).

The itch went away for a few days, and Hannah stopped bothering my neck again. But yesterday, I really had to scratch the back of my head! And I must have “noked” off the scab again because she tried to put a gross sock around my neck – I mean how rude! From what I have observed, those go on feet and not necks! I showed how uncomfortable it made me by walking all slow and hunched. Thankfully, it worked and the sock came off. “SUCCESS!” I thought I was in the clear, BUT Nathan grabbed something that looked like a scarf and they wrapped it around. I struggled my hardest and showed how it bothered my ears. She almost took it off, but made it smaller instead…

collar kerfuffle (1)

I am still wearing this odd thing today. It feels similar to my collar, but I can tell it is bigger and more of a weird shape. They said I looked “hansum” so maybe I can deal with it?

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