REVAMPING: Distinct Days


I have decided to alter my blog a smidge – nothing major, but wanted more structure when it came to how I write and when.

Since I have 6 pages about my life on , my brain constantly comes up with ideas for each page (sometimes at the same time!) And I feel the urge to write every post that is in my head right away. I have noticed that there are days when I write 4 posts and others when I don’t write at all. That is not very efficient and is exhausting my brain power as well as creativity. Some of the post ideas should sit for a few days, so I can brainstorm throughout the week and then BAM.. inspiration will strike!

I have broken down the days of the week to have certain content restrictions. I don’t have to write every single day, and I can write about something different..BUT I am setting a goal for myself to write at least 2 of each themed day a month (whether it is 2 August weeks in a row of food and then nothing until September or one every other week). I will keep topics that relate to the Distinct Days written down, and they’ll pop up when it is their turn. This way, my blog will have much more structure and organization (which I love as a teacher!) AND it provides a calm to the chaos and excitement in my brain.

Here are my thoughts for the days!

Music Mondays

Tell-it-all Tuesdays

Work Wednesdays

Throwback Thursdays

Flavor Fridays


“Suns out, Guns out” (Sundays)

Let me know what you think! (of the titles, your opinions, or just say hi)


3 thoughts on “REVAMPING: Distinct Days

  1. The titles are very unique and I love that. And here I was worried about the layout of mine being visually boring. I’m doing more creative writing and thinking I might add another blog and hitch it to the main one. You’ve given me food for thought. I applaud you for your inspiration.

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