Music Monday! Fave Find: Metronomy :)

Last week, my coworker invited me to a concert with her – she knows I really enjoy music and we have gone to a few shows together already. The band is called, Metronomy, and after she played her favorite song “The Look”, I knew I had to come! This song instantly got my head bobbing and I had a smile on my face 🙂 I went to the show with her and danced like crazy while in shock at how amazing they were.

What really struck me were the positive vibes that came from the group. They are European, and infuse rock with electronic music. While using instruments like keyboard, saxophone, bass and drums, they create 1980s-esque songs. Also, the band includes a girl drummer which is an added bonus (I’ve always loved this aspect since Meg White 😮

All of the members looked like they were enjoying themselves – the two keyboardists had a dance routine for one song, and the singer was often jumping around and getting close to the drummer. It’s a funky sound that I haven’t really heard, which caught my attention. The overall energy of the tunes also just puts you in a good mindset. Something about disco/electronic harmonics instantly spark happiness in me.





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