Speaking words of wisdom

This past weekend, my friends and I had a very fun evening – we all had dinner together and then one girl really wanted to play her piano and have us sing songs. She was great at improvising and figuring out the melodies! She had some lyrics already printed out of songs she knew how to play..I don’t think it was her first rodeo ha. We all started with “Part of your world” for fun. Then, we sung more legit songs like “Hallelujah,” “Let it Be,” “Your Song,” “Mad World” among others 🙂 It really brought us all together with laughing and smiling if someone harmonized or made a mistake. There were about 8 of us, crowded around her keyboard (standing or sitting on the couch). It turns out that we can all hold a tune, which can be surprising with a larger group 🙂 After a tough week at work, surrounding yourself with friends is a great people to cheer you up!


8 thoughts on “Speaking words of wisdom

  1. Such a romantic and movie-like scene!! How awesome is that? I have had a similar experience with a guitar but never around a piano! It sounds like a very bonding and memorable experience!

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