Top 12 Songs February 2018 (DAY 2/31 March SOL)

It is the beginning of March, and thus makes it time to announce the twelve songs that made the cut for my February playlist!

Since I am writing for the March Slice of Life (second day – woot!), I want to add some extra explanation about my playlists. My dad originally started monthly playlists to follow in the path of his favorite radio host, John Peel. In March/April 2016, I decided to start making playlists as well. I listen to a multitude of music and discover new artists often, so I want to have playlists as memories (similar to my blog). My dad does top 20 in his list, but I chose 12 because it is more than 10 but less than 15 ha ..seemed like a solid middle ground 🙂

February’s music has a mixture of origins: mostly from records I received for Christmas or ones I bought myself; however, a few of my favorite artists appeared. I will put the music on the sidebar tomorrow as I am busy tonight, but I posted videos or mp3’s underneath some songs so you can enjoy them as well.

Without further ado…top 12!

– “On my side” Gordi

– “This time tomorrow” The Kinks

– “Clar de lune” Debussy

– “Parade” Sylvan Esso (saw on their Facebook page)

– “Dear Life” Beck

– “Race for the prize” Flaming Lips

– “Sin triangle” Sidney Gish

– “Lazy day” Flying Burrito Brothers (from one of Dad’s playlists)

– “Call it dreaming” Iron and Wine

– “Heart attack” Tuneyards

– “Sunset and the mockingbird” Duke Ellington

– ” How about now” Nico Muhly (from Spotify’s Classical station)

Feel free to comment about which song was your favorite. Or if you didn’t like them, let me know that as well (you could suggest someone you love to listen to) – music is universal and everyone has their own tastes!

7 thoughts on “Top 12 Songs February 2018 (DAY 2/31 March SOL)

  1. There’s something about this idea that really resonates…the soundtrack of my life. I tried a similar thing on Pinterest. Love it.


  2. Playlists
    as memories,
    as anchors.
    I am reading
    my past, eyes
    to the sounds
    of tracks
    that shaped me.
    No one else
    knows of what I

    — Line-lifting for some poetry comments. Pardon my intrusions.

    Liked by 1 person

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