Not another Manic Monday (DAY 26/31 March SOL)

Today marks the first weekday of spring break!

Yesterday when I realized I didn’t have to get up early on Monday, I was ecstatic 🙂 Normally it would be “just another Manic Monday” to quote The Bangles – but today, I got to sleep in without an alarm and am heading to the airport to read on an easy flight home. And there are many more lazy mornings of my break! Much needed relaxation here I come

2 thoughts on “Not another Manic Monday (DAY 26/31 March SOL)

  1. Today’s my first day of Spring Break too. I get to be just a mom and take my daughter to school and then have the day for myself. It’s a little weird but definitely not as manic as a regular Monday! Enjoy your break 🙂

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