Favorite “Find”: Jade Bird

I put the word find in quotes in the title because it was more of a rediscovery than learning about her for the first time. I really loved her a few years ago, and then my friend invited me to her concert this past weekend – I had totally forgot about my love for her sound! It was an amazing night with dancing and pulling at my heart strings. PLUS…we met her!!! Another friend pushed us to talk to her at the end of the show 😮 My heart was literally pounding out of my chest afterwards with Adrenalin.

Anyway, her voice has such a strong range while she sings about heartbreak and dating. She can make you cry one minute and have your head banging the next! Jade Bird is from London, England and has been recording since 2015.

My favorite album is “Something American” – I enjoyed singing along to the songs at the show. “What Am I Here For” is a beautiful ballad and “Cathedral” is more of rock heavy song. “Uh huh” is not on the same album, but it is an amazingly fun song!

I am glad that I remembered my love for her with help from a friend 🙂

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