Favorite Find: Miya Folick

Today, after listening to All Songs Considered, I discovered and fell in love with a singer name Miya Folick! The song that was featured in the episode is called “Thingamajig” – the repetitive drone from the beginning is so catchy and builds into a beautiful melody. I instantly went back and played it again. Now, I am listening to her on Spotify and there are so many songs that I want to add into a monthly playlist 🙂

Through reading some articles about her, I learned that she has two EP entitled “Strange Darling,” and “Give it to me”, as well as the brand new full-length album, “Premonitions.” It comes out on Friday, and I have already pre-ordered 😮 Miya has a rock-pop style but with interesting rhythms and vocal timbre that hook me as a listener. Something about her songs just make my head bop while also forcing me to sing-along. I am big on lyrics with a powerful voice, and Miya definitely has that going for her. She is just what my ears and mind needed in a somewhat stressful start to the school year! 

Miya also has a positive outlook on life through being brought up Buddhist. She is quoted in a Pitchfork interview (click for link) saying how she “wanted to shine a light on normal life and make tiny moments feel like special occasions…fun is a decision.”


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