Music from two months (Sept/Oct 2018)

I have become so behind on the Top 12 playlists since the school year started…!! I have had the songs that were making the cut in my phone, but hadn’t officially put together the lists for a post 😮

September was a month full of reminiscing – many of the songs are from my favorite artists (Mitski, Decemberists, Overcoats, Moon Hooch, Bon Iver, Arcade Fire, Jade Bird, David Byrne) with a few new discoveries as well.

October is mostly from All Songs Considered and introduced me to many new artists that I want to keep on my radar 🙂  I will post the music on the sidebar later tonight.


– “Why didn’t you stop me” Mitski

– “Starwatcher” Decemberists

– “Dog’s Mind” David Byrne

– “Peter Pan” Arcade Fire

– “Uh-huh” Jade Bird

– “Little Memory” Overcoats

– “Disorientation” Theodore

– “Suspirium” Thom Yorke

– “No Land” Buke and Gase

– “Still Feel” Half Alive

– “Sunken Ship” Moon Hooch

– “Creature Fear” Bon Iver


– “Cathedral” Jade Bird

– “Easy” WHY?

– “23” Overcoats

– “Death Dance” Palaye Royale

– “Liminal” Sigur Ros

– “Light on” Maggie Rogers

– “In Darkness” Tom Adams

– “Comeback Kid” Sharon von Etten

– “Thingamajig” Miya Folick

– “Color of Dirt” Jason Lytle

– “American Dream” J.S. Ondara

– “Pet Body” Miya Folick

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