(March SOL) Podcasts igniting my mind

With my long commute (over an hour, sometimes two!) across town in the mornings and home, I decided to listen to podcasts last year. I was originally doing mainly music-related, or story-based mysteries – but I wanted some that make me think!

I have picked a few BBC and NPR shows that relate to the news, but are also a parody. I have tried listening to straight up news, and it is too dull for my attention span (for the most part). I realized that if I am laughing as well as learning, then I am much engaged in what is happening. I come home and am excited to teach Nathan what I have learned while also sharing the jokes with him 🙂

Do you have any podcast suggestions?

This made me see the connection with teaching, and how many children do not learn if they are bored. I am always finding fun ways to engage the kids and get them discussing with each other – we did a Hershey’s lesson recently in math where the children were manipulating a Hershey’s bar into different fractions.

What are your favorite methods to engage your students?

The featured image above was from Celebration of Reading day, when I was dressed up as Gerald from the “Elephant and Piggie” series!

13 thoughts on “(March SOL) Podcasts igniting my mind

  1. Love your picture 🙂
    Check out Cult of Pedagogy (teaching) and The Moth (storytelling) , The Daily, The New Yorker Radio Hour (compelling news, including “long form”), Hidden Brain (provocative learning!).

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  2. Love the chatty tone of your slice. I’ve not connected to podcasts… probably because I don’t have a commute and there’s not really any time in my schedule… but now I’m wondering if maybe I should check some out.

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