(March SOL) Meandering with music

Flashback to Sunday evening.

My eyes are starting to droop after focusing for 2.5 hours.

We just finished listening to a very beautiful instrumental song.

We have hit about the half way mark in our drive home.

It is almost 9 pm.

I tell Nathan that I need some good sing-along songs to help keep me up for the next half.

We brainstorm for a few minutes – Elton John!

The Spotify station begins playing “Lucy in the sky with diamonds,” an Elton John cover.


We instantly change stations to The Beatles.

We laugh and sing all the way until the last 30 minutes of the three hours left (when I need to focus more on the road).

Artists like The Beatles will always be fun because they have so many different songs and genres within their albums. I am instantly brought back to my childhood, still remembering all the words and harmonies 🙂

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