Repost! Humble abode = Hannah (47/365) #blogaday

As a cat, most people would think that I am reluctant to moving house a lot. Many felines hide under the bed or in a closet for days before beginning to explore their new home. But I am all about exploring! The minute I am let out of the small cage, it is roaming and meowing time for me πŸ™‚Β 

Since the wonderful Hannah adopted me, I have started with her in a big house with two other cats – who did not like me for some reason – and  a dog. I am not let out of her room much here. When I am, the other two cats and the dog are nowhere to be seen. I find some food down the stairs and more litter trays though, so they must still exist.. Two other people who Hannah calls “mom” and “dad” are in this big house too. They are very interested in me and give me pets often!

more patches (1)

Then I went in the small cage to a smaller place with fluffy carpet and fun boxes to climb on! We stayed here for much longer and she was always around in the evening snuggling with me in her room and playing music. We spent time watching TV, in which I lay behind her head on the best blue blanket in the world πŸ™‚ There was also a super fluffy thing that I wasn’t so sure about who lived here as well – it moved much faster than me..but Hannah said it was nice!

patch in beaverton (2)

We then took a long venture in the cage and the car to a great place with a small cat named Stella πŸ™‚ This house had two beds for me to sit on and big windows to stare at the world unknown! It took a bit to settle in to sleeping in the right room with Hannah because Stella slept in the other room (and her cuddles were great). Hannah was home much more often here as she was “righting” lessons and teaching during the day. And I cuddled often on the couch or the bed.

patchy (9)

We then did the long trip back in the small cage but Nathan came with us! We went back to the first big house and the cats who didn’t like me – but it was different with a huge tree in the middle and I wasn’t allowed on the table. Hannah was not here as much, and Nathan left too :/ She would come by during the day but did not sleep here for some reason (she said she was “sitting house”). Another older girl was in her room who loved cuddles, and joined in on the day where they sat on the couches and ripped at shiny paper! 

patchy (12)

Now, we come to where I am today. Another small apartment with the same “fer-ni-cher” as the second home. This place has been very nice πŸ™‚ Nathan is back and there is a big window to sit at all day! I have tons of comfy blankets to sit on and the bed (of course) – except not when it is dark..hiss! 

patchy (14)

I have been to so many homes and the different smells have not bothered me. The reason is all because of Hannah! She has been at every humble abode and I love her for adopting me in my time of need πŸ™‚ I have realized that home is where Hannah is. 

patchy (2)

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