Games get me going (50/365) #blogaday

For starters, today is the 50th day of blogging!!

Last night I was playing a Nancy Drew game on my tablet and there was a difficult strategy part in order to unlock the next level. There were different gears that you had to fit into the machine in a certain order, and I tried for probably like 40 minutes before finally getting it! My tablet was also glitching a bit because there was a lot of clicking and dragging the pieces. But once I completed it, I was so excited 🙂

Something about games where you have to test and fail makes success that much better. That strategy mini game was a big staple in unlocking many other tasks and clues to help solve the case.

I was always big on video games and computer games as a kid – I’m glad to still be able to play them as an adult. I liked multiplayer games and did some single player ones including Nancy Drew, Super Mario Sunshine, and a Titanic computer game. It is something different that keeps you stimulate instead of watching TV!

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