Poetic prose 78/365 #blogaday MARCH SOL 22/31

“So she could at least understand the etymology of words, to follow them back down their limbs and trunks until she reached their roots”

I love the flow and visuals of this section of the book I am reading! It is so clever because learning the roots of words are actual things you can learn while also personifying words into trees with limbs and trunks and roots.

I remember having to re-read that part and feeling the need to capture it for a post. It is important to make poetry when you are writing stories so it sticks with the reader. I will try to incorporate more visual imagery in my story and gather other sources in books I’ve read!

5 thoughts on “Poetic prose 78/365 #blogaday MARCH SOL 22/31

  1. A good reminder. I talk to my 2nd graders about helping their reader get a picture in their mind but am I doing that with my own writing? Am I using the craft moves I teach? You gave me a lot to think about.

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