Music for Mayday (118/365) #blogaday

Colin Meloy (from The Decemberists) has been doing zoom videos almost every Friday playing songs from his band and just making people happy with music 🙂

Today, he said it would be his final one (at least for a while) – the first one I heard was with my dad when I was home visiting family right before things got more intense so I wanted to FaceTime him. He was singing along often, and we were chatting about music and our favorite songs.

Colin was only playing covers today and we got to hear some great new material that we didn’t know before! One of these was a song called “Everyday is like Sunday” by Morrissey – Patches really enjoyed it as well haha 😮 He snuggled close to the tablet and was at peace for most of it.

I hope you had a nice start to your weekend as well 😀 Enjoy the song!

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