A wife left to wonder (120/365) #blogaday

This is a section from my current creative writing journey. I hope you enjoy!

Anneta and Jeremiah dated for several years filled with fishing trips, and stinky ones at that. Jeremiah earned enough money at the butchery to purchase a boat with tattered old gray sails and barely enough room for two. Anneta knew nothing of sailing so was no help as part of the crew, which meant that she was kind of a dead weight; except of course Jeremiah loved her and she was a very good listener. 

Anneta made it her mission to devote all she could to the passion of the man she loved. She had learned to cook and sew from her mother, so created wonderful dishes out of the peculiar fish they caught in the waters surrounding Vicanosia. The tattered sails often made her sad because the other men would gawk and chuckle at the sight of The Fishing Machine. She found some green string in a dress she used to wear and fixed it up to have a half green and half gray sail that fluttered beautifully with the gust of the wind on the open waters. Jeremiah beamed all the colors of the rainbow that day, and has only ever been as visibly proud on the day his daughter was born.

Little Sammy Stane (pronounced “Stanay”) came into this Vicanosian and duck-filled world on the floors of The Fishing Machine when the skies were a hue between purple and indigo. She was named after the fisherman who sold her father the legendary dingy. Her eyes twinkled and were a blue almost as deep as the depths of the ocean. Her curls were a mix between the sleek black of Jeremiah’s locks and the creamy brown of Anneta’s strawlike hair. They were determined to make her life better than their own, which meant more money and longer travels abroad for fish.

Anneta didn’t know the toll her husband’s absence would have on her life. She thought being a full-time mother of a daughter would be similar to that of her own upbringing. As a child, she was constantly in the kitchen or drawing room almost as a shadow to her mother, soaking in all she could from the strong role model. Unfortunately, Sammy was not interested in cooking or sewing. She always wanted to be outside running around – and by the time Sammy was six, another creature had her full attention (Ronald). Anneta was left alone far too much and quickly became withdrawn: barely cooking, leaving holes in her family’s clothes, and longing for life with just her husband.

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