Feud in the Forest (136/365) #blogaday

This is another section from my “book” that I’ve been working since January. I hope you enjoy! Feel free to comment ideas or reactions 🙂

Sammy could tell Dierdre was more than just mad because she was as silent as the wind while they walked the cobblestone path out of Mr. Henchleys’ property. She didn’t know Dierdre well enough to gauge when the silent treatment would end. The girls walked next to each other as the skies went from purple to a very deep blue to black, with just the speckled stars and planets lighting their way.

They had to find somewhere safe to sleep – this was their first full night out of the main parts of town, where they could sleep in someone’s shed or barn without being noticed. There were no homes out here, just darkness and strange sounds growing nearer with each step. They had targets on their backs, and it was hunting season for too many of the nighttime critters.

Dierdre had mentioned earlier that they could sleep in her cave, but that was at least another week’s journey. Sammy was in Dierdre’s domain, so felt more vulnerable than ever in her life. She and Ronald would only stay out til sundown and race each other back home. This was a new experience. And Sammy was not very keen. Even though they were fighting, Sammy found herself grabbing Dierdre’s hand for comfort in the dark to not get left behind. The moon was out, but was masked by clouds, which meant a storm was coming tomorrow.

The girls could hear howls and pants growing nearer and nearer; it was time to run.

Dierdre said the first words since Leroy’s, “Run like a cheetah, but stay close.”

They sprinted until their sides ached and their hearts beat in their heads and their legs felt like jelly. But the wolves were closing in. They must have split their pack into groups.

“Can you climb?” Dierdre asked suddenly. Without waiting for an answer, she took off towards the forest.

Sammy started running a few seconds delayed, and could feel the adrenalin making her move faster than she could normally. She could hardly see though, and tripped on a rock landing in a thicket. She didn’t know where Dierdre had gone – somewhere near the trees, but there were hundreds. She could hear and feel the pack surrounding her. One braver than the rest lunged and grabbed hold of her left ankle. Sammy let out the loudest shrill she could to get Dierdre’s attention and release the agony of what was happening.

Within seconds, a creature came speed-crawling nose to the ground throwing rocks at the wolves and making horrible noises. Sammy slipped into a daze as Dierdre dragged her towards a spindly-looking tree with a hole in it.

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