Creative writing Class (144/365) #blogaday

Since I have been working on my book more, I decided to sign up for MasterClass and listen to tips from great authors including James Patterson, Margaret Atwood, and Neil Gaiman whose books I enjoy reading.

I started with the first five classes from Margaret Atwood, and it has been very informative!

A quote I wrote down was “A plot must have something of interest for the characters and we hope the readers too”

This stuck out to me because people often think of pleasing their audience, but the characters in your book are alive in a sense and if you don’t connect them to the events occurring, it will not be successful.

She also talks a lot about point of view and narrator, as in which style of narrator (1st person, 3rd person etc) or which character the story is being told by.

This got me thinking about certain scenes and whether they would work better through the character’s eyes and mind. I am currently writing as an omniscient narrator (one who knows all), but it could be interesting if a character knows more than the reader or sees something differently than just the author telling it.

I don’t think the whole story will work flipped on it’s head in terms of POV, but maybe tweaking some scenes or characters to being 1st person would be fun!

I’m glad I am getting ideas and other stories to think about while writing my book 🙂

6 thoughts on “Creative writing Class (144/365) #blogaday

  1. So that’s why my characters sound so flat to me. I’m always thinking of them as a tool to tell the story instead of treating them like real humans. Thanks for this insight. I appreciate it!

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