Fears and frights: Day 3 of 15 Day Challenge (155/365) #blogaday

Today’s question is “what are you most afraid of and why?” As a child, I was terrified of the dark because my eyes and imagination would turn everything into scenes from a horror film (I often slept with the light on if I woke up from a nightmare).

Currently, my biggest fear is heights. If I am driving on the side of a cliff for the first time, I can’t look down or I will become very sweaty. I still haven’t done certain rides at theme parks that are very high towers because I look up while waiting too long for the ride to start. Heights for me is definitely irrational and it has progressed over the years in my adulthood.

What are you most afraid of (either childhood, now, or both)?

2 thoughts on “Fears and frights: Day 3 of 15 Day Challenge (155/365) #blogaday

  1. Since I was little, I’ve been afraid of thunders. There are a lot of thunder storms in Tokyo and even worse in Minnesota in the summer. I’m glad it’s almost thunder free in LA. 🙂

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  2. Falls. Either me falling or something falling on me – I HATE going under a bridge with a train on it or semis and in the winter it is worse because I know bridges get icy first so I hate to go under them.

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