Songs for Summer (180/365) #blogaday

June had the first official day of Summer this year 🙂 I can’t believe it is already a few days into July, but that means it’s time for my TOP 12 PLAYLIST for JUNE.

– “Janie’s got a gun” Aerosmith

– “Razzle dazzle rose” Camera Obscura

– “Lonely boy” Black Keys

– “Stayin Alive” Les Claypool

– “Flame twin” Norah Jones

– “35.31” Childish Gambino

– “Someday” The strokes

– “Circle the drain” Soccer Mommy

– “Spark” Fits and the tantrums

– “Silence of the sun” Mismer and Smith

– “Kelelawar” Machinefabriek

– “Somebody’s always trying” Ted Taylor

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