Innocence and Imagination (192/365) #blogaday

Below is the most recent section of my book. I have compiled all the sections I posted so far in the “Crafting Creatively”  category, so feel free to check them out! As always, I am open to praise or critiques in the comments below 🙂


Cheeky continued, “You mentioned you were at Stane, right?”

Sammy nodded as she clutched the notebook.

“I watched your father, Jeremiah, grow up among these trees. He would come here with his papa and slaughter warthogs or deer for their butcher shop. They only used fresh meats guaranteed. Jeremiah didn’t like watching the hunts, so he often wandered off and would daydream about these wonderful worlds he would sail to. I still recall the first time I stumbled upon him deep in thought…”

 Young Jeremiah is sitting on the stump of a tree surrounded by birds. He has brought along some seeds to make sure he has an audience when he tells his stories. 

“One day I will be the captain of a two-leveled sailboat with a length as big as an oak tree after five years of growth. It will be full of my crew who are constantly catching and cleaning fish. Songs occur as often as a heartbeat, so there is never a silent moment. I will have found a beautiful maiden off the coast of a faraway island who loves the ocean and fish almost more than I do. Life at sea will be treacherous, but I have learned to master the art of swordsmanship after finding a stranded pirate and befriending him as part of the crew. His name is Fivebeard due to the hair growth forming five points under his chin. Fivebeard will tell us of how his own crew overthrew him after going mad with greed and believing he stole coins from the safe. Even when he proved to them that the amount was still 200, they were convinced he had played some form of trickery. You are probably thinking that if Fivebeard was such a great swordsman, he could have sliced them all up and stayed aboard his ship; however, Fivebeard is a peaceful old man who does not wish to perform violence unless he is protecting someone.”

By this point, the flock of birds have been joined by a family of deer, local rabbits, raccoons, and Cheeky who is sitting in his lap being fed some seeds. Jeremiah was captivating in his storytelling and these animals loved a good bedtime story. Usually the stories were cut off by Papa Stane yelling for Jeremiah, and him sneaking off back to the group, acting like a kill just got away from him. Since Cheeky’s memory wasn’t the best, one of the rabbits would take on the task of remembering where Jeremiah left off. But honestly, Jeremiah built worlds they could listen to even without having it wrapped in a bow to finish.

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