No Naps..? (213/365) #blogaday

This marks my last week with my current nannying family before switching to a new family…! August 7 came up so fast 😮

As a gift to me, Gigi has decided to not take naps – she is playing with her toys in her crib or taking off her sleep sack and diaper instead of laying down and falling asleep. Isn’t that nice of her haha?

She used to just pass out the minute her head hit the pillow but even starting last week, she would sit up after a few minutes and starting playing…grr

It makes it difficult because her naptime is my break for about 45 minutes and then I cook the dinner. But if she is crying loudly or has taken off her diaper, then I need to go in there.

Well at least I only have two days if this is her new routine. But she is a really great kid overall and she will be missed – and hopefully she misses me too 🙂

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