The Real Reality (261/365) #blogaday

Today marks the 261st post this year (!)

Of the 261 days, about 200 of them have been during quarantine/shelter in place/covid regulations. It was only January and February that were normal months with social events and traveling still as options.

I have been feeling somewhat down yesterday and today, and I know others have been struggling with emotions on various occasions during these times as well.

It is ok to be lonely.

We are not seeing people as often as we once were or in regular settings that spark the same happiness.

It is ok to feel unmotivated.

Many of us are in a strange work environment (either from home or with masks at our jobs). There also haven’t been vacation days available in the same way as usual.

It is ok to just sit when you get home or on the weekends.

Because there isn’t the same stimulation of hiking (due to fires where I live), socializing, or change in pace – some days we just need to let our minds stare at TV to recoup.

It is ok to be feeling down.

The world is not normal. At. All. What we know as normal might not be back in the same ways. Concerts and bars might not ever be the same or there might always be a worry when you go out now.

Whatever you are dealing with during these times, it is ok. The real reality is that it is tough and we have never dealt with this as a society before. It will be get better. You will get better. Just give it time.

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