Envisioning the imagery (265/365) #blogaday

Poetry is such a great medium for getting points across!

I haven’t dabbled in it much since my more literary classes in high school and then again with one of my student teaching experiences (she had a poetry unit that I helped to teach).

Margaret Atwood has definitely become one of my favorite authors and people to hear speak about writing via becoming inspired with her MasterClass.

Within the same podcast episode I just posted about, Margaret Atwood read of her poems entitled “Spelling” and I was just blown away. There are metaphors and images that I would never think to write – poetry is an outlet to think freely and push boundaries.

I want to try and tackle writing poetry that is more than just an acrostic poem or a basic haiku. Having something more to say is one thing but then being able to make it into cohesive verses is the tough thing. And creating something that is intellectual and moving is a whole another ball game ha! But I’ll start with writing different prose and styles for poetry first.

Here is Margaret Atwood’s poem “Spelling”

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