REPOST: October in Oregon (272/365) #blogaday

It being a Friday evening after a tiring work week – I decided to look back at my old blog ( and see what I wrote around this time in 2015!

I found a post about Fall in Oregon and it really made me reminisce of the pumpkin patches and corn maze days 🙂 There isn’t really the same feel where I live now because there aren’t natural fields of pumpkins or corn that have been converted for Halloween.

BUT later in the month, I will be going to a socially distanced Fall event with pumpkin displays and maybe mazes (I’m not really sure how it will be laid out).

This time of year always gets me happy because the holidays are comforting and have great memories. And we get closer to Christmas when I go home and see my family!

Here is the original post that inspired me today – October in Oregon

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