Holding out for the Holidays (285/365) #blogaday

Around this time every year, I start talking about coming home for Christmas with my family and it really makes me just want to be there!

Especially this year, Nathan and I plan to drive to be safest but it has been since March that I have been home for a relaxing vacation – we zoomed up to look at wedding venues but it was a very fast and intense weekend.

The holidays are my favorite time of year 🙂 Everyone is happy and has days off from work and we are all together for a week or so.

Hopefully , the rest of October and November will go by quickly and then it’s just a few weeks until time to drive up. If you count the second half of October and first half of December, then it is basically two more months (it sounds so long :o)

I’m on the long haul til Christmastime!

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