Talking to toys (288/365) #blogaday

“Do you want to play with Mister Toucan?”

“You got monkey! He is pretty great”

“There’s a squirrel jumping around the yard. He is sniffing for acorns.”

I’ve noticed when I am interacting with baby Eva and her toys, I use male pronouns.

It is interesting how we are so set on things being “he,” and it takes rethinking to change what I naturally say.

Mister Toucan is actually sitting on a nest so the toy is probably a female waiting for her eggs to hatch. But in some bird species, the males take turns on the eggs as well.

It is important for Eva to not hear that everything around her being referred to as a boy. Especially in the already male-centered world where it is tough as a female to get recognized for success and intelligence.

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