Krampus Christmas (341/365) #blogaday

This weekend, I watched a very fun horror Christmas movie called Krampus – I know what you’re thinking… how can you have a Christmas movie that is also scary? My thoughts exactly. BUT it was a very fun film.

It is based on the German lore about the fictional character, Krampus, who is in charge of punishing the children on the naughty list. The movie decided to have losing your Christmas Spirit bring Krampus to wreak havoc. The way it was done was in a very campy and comical sense, but still with some jump scares and creepy moments. The toys coming to life was probably the best section of the movie.

a teddy bear, jack in the box, the angel from the tree, and a robot
evil gingerbread cookie

Nathan and I watched it via Zoom with some of our friends and had hot cocoa with peppermint schnapps. Having no sense of what the movie was made all the difference! I was prepared for an actual horror film and something that would bring Christmas into a very dark place. Krampus reminded me somewhat of Gremlins in the sense that they are scary but also funny.

Krampus himself

2 thoughts on “Krampus Christmas (341/365) #blogaday

  1. I went to see what year this movie came out and was shocked to see there are MANY Krampus movies. I think the one I saw was the second one, but it has been at least 3 years ago so I am not sure, but it wasn’t too bad. Like you said it has some funny parts too… campy. So, you better be good! 😃

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