4 Facts for the Fourth (MARCH SOL 4/31)

1. One of my top reasons for wanting the pandemic to be gone is because I’m planning my wedding for this Fall and would love for it to happen.

2. I didn’t enjoy reading for pleasure until mid-college (and even now, the book has to really draw me in).

3. I started writing a fantasy novel early last year.

4. In January, I finished blogging for 365 days straight – I’d done it one time before in grad school.

11 thoughts on “4 Facts for the Fourth (MARCH SOL 4/31)

  1. All interesting – congratulation on your upcoming wedding!
    But, you blogged for 365 days straight???????WOWOWOWOW
    I’ve never come close to that!
    This SOL Challenge will be a “Slice of Cake” for you!!!!!

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    1. Thank you! And yes I did but it was definitely tough to think of things and a few times I would have to do two posts because I missed the day before. It’s a great challenge but maybe more like 6 months straight or a few months is plenty haha! And I think because it’s so fresh of writing that much, I am actually more exhausted with writing so this month will be tough

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  2. I’m so impressed that you blogged every day! Doing this daily challenge is, well, a challenge for me. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your wedding. My oldest daughter had to revamp her Summer 2020 wedding and had a really small backyard affair that was really joyful. We’re hoping to have a real reception/party this summer. It will happen! For you and her:)

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  3. I hear you, writing every day is tough and it is to me this month! But you have done it 365 days two times! I admire you, Hannah! And I hope you will have your wedding this Fall. It will happen!

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  4. I’m trying to come off a long blogging block — part of why I’m here slicing. Your year of blogging every day is impressive and enviable. I did it years running multiple blogs and burned out. I’ll settle for being able to finish some posts and not leaving just about all of them in drafts until too stale to use.

    Thanks for the “Four things about….” template…. handy indeed for a late night pantser to throw together a quick blog.

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  5. Blogging every day is hard… sometimes life just gets in the way and it can’t happen. I really hope your wedding plans are coming along nicely. Do you think enough people will be vaccinated by then to safely hold the wedding?


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