Gotta love games (MARCH 10/31)

I have always been into video games and board games – used to play Mario Party and Mario Kart with my dad when I was younger which was very fun.

As a family, we played Taboo or Cranium with various family friends for the holidays growing up as well.

Now, Nathan and I have gotten two-player board games during quarantine and it has sparked the interest again 🙂 We both also played Stardew Valley for a few months.

My sister and I grew up playing Nancy Drew games on our old PC – and I was so excited to see that some were available for my tablet.

Yesterday, I decided to get some Nancy Drew games on my new laptop and there was a deal for the 5 scariest games ha! I bought it and started playing one of them. I am only a few minutes in to the storyline but I can tell it is going to be so fun 🙂

4 thoughts on “Gotta love games (MARCH 10/31)

  1. This is a great topic for a slice…the importance of games. Games are like the glue that holds my adult children together. It’s when we laugh, tease, get competitive. We love Cranium, Catch Phrase, trivia. Oh, trivia saved us during the early part of the pandemic. Glad you have someone to play games with!

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  2. I used to play Mario games a lot when I was little. I bought a Nintendo Wii ten years ago (the special red edition, celebrating Mario’s 30th anniversary that year and this year is the 40th!) but I haven’t played it since then! I didn’t know about Nancy Drew’s game but it sounds like so much fun! 😀

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