Simple Pleasures (MARCH SOL 30/31)

Yesterday, Eva reached for something on the floor.

I picked it up and blew it away from where we were playing.

She started laughing and wandered to pick it up again.

She then blew on it and it moved slightly.

Laughter erupted.

She went to get it and handed it to me.

I blew on it and it flew somewhere else.

Both of us laughed at this point because she was so excited.

We played this game for probably 30 minutes.

The thing I subconsciously blew away was a feather from the couch cushions.

She found one this morning and the game continued.

Who knew such a simple act of moving something would become a favorite game?

6 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures (MARCH SOL 30/31)

  1. Little ones can get focus on simple things that can be for fun. We (my grandson and I) are currently collecting rocks and painting them with water. Great fun in watching them dry in the sun and paint again. We cut up sponges and use old paint brushes work great.
    We will see what a feather does here as well since we are exploring wind today with blowing old leaves!

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  2. It’s always the unusual, quirky things that spark kids’ interest. I remember creating a game called “people-bowling” in an effort to engage my grandkids. They would roll the a huge exercise ball at me as I sat on the floor. When it hit, I went down like a bowling pin. So funny. Truth be told, that was about eight years ago, not sure I could play this with the latest crop of little ones. When I visit my one and three year old grandsons today, I’m going to try the feather game. Have fun!

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  3. I think it’s the adults that get bogged down in whether a game has a purpose other than to be fun! Thankfully children do not have that restriction and can take delight in such a simple thing. She is learning wind and force and movement but without the pressure of ‘oh gosh, a lesson(!)’

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  4. Isn’t it great when they find joy in the little things? I can picture this sweet scene so clearly and can imagine my daughter would love this, too!

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  5. I love this! My 19 month old has been doing funny things like this recently, too. He’s so much fun, and I love watching how his personality is developing. Enjoy 🙂

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