Kauai keepsakes

Seranading and storytelling filled the rainforest landscape as we kayaked, trekked through mud and braved the power of a natural waterfall this morning.

All that’s left now are memories of the Menehune folktales we heard and beautiful imagery.

While we were hiking, we heard all about Princess Tila being locked in a tower (the man-made structure still standing next to us as our guide spoke). Tila’s singing brought her love to her rescue, and only with the help of ginger flower oil did her hair grow long so he could help her down to safety.

Another one was about Maui and the alae bird (the birds who could make fire). He wanted to bring Oahu and Kauai islands together, but the birds would not have that. These birds lit fires when Maui fished at night to scare away the biggest catch.

The legend has it that if this fish was caught, the islands would be able to be combined into one. Maui snatched the smallest bird one night after making a statue of himself fishing to attract the birds. He then was able to catch the sought after fish. However, Maui was tempted by a gold dish that called to him. This dish was really a woman who was destined to be his wife. If he chose her, the island transformations would be reversed.

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4 thoughts on “Kauai keepsakes

  1. Hannah, what a fascinating post – – the cultural story of an island’s origins. The ginger flower oil and hair growth had me thinking Rapunzel……and I started thinking of all the common threads of our folk tales and origin stories.

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  2. IT was wonderful to read this since I was just looking through photos of my parents’ trip to Kauai when I was putting together a slideshow for their 50th anniversary. This story was a nice bookend to my photo search.

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