Thankful Thursday (10/31 MARCH SOLSC) #sol22

The family I nanny begins each meal by saying what they are thankful for.

I really like this idea because it can be easy to focus on the negative or stressful things, but pointing on something good each day will help you appreciate little things.

During March, (since I’m writing consistently), I want to start giving thanks on Thursdays.

To stick with the alliterations, I’ll do 3 Things on Thankful Thursdays.

1. I’m thankful for a loving husband who supports me in so many ways, but lately has helped me emotionally dealing with stress.

2. I’m thankful for my adorable kitty who is sitting next to me right now, and with his calming nature and need to love/feel loved, he helps me feel special.

3. I’m thankful for my family who are always there for me and love me unconditionally.

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