Can wildlife keep up? (DAY 16/31 MARCH SOL)

This is in response to the Procrastinator’s Weekly Writing Prompt. I chose the one about Wild: Forms of Resistance.

As the pure white of snow fills the trees, there is still a flash of vibrant yellow and blue.

Questions like – Isn’t it too cold for them? And “Why are they not sleeping” come to mind.

Two Blue Tits on the series Winterwatch

The resistance of wildlife to the newer and constant weather changes really is something to be inspired by, with also some hesitation and worry about their future.

3 thoughts on “Can wildlife keep up? (DAY 16/31 MARCH SOL)

  1. When it comes to wild forms of resistance, we’ve got a lot to learn from nature! We should also be much more mindful about how we treat nature. I really enjoyed the way you used the prompt and made it your own.

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