An Acrostic About Approval DAY 20/31 March SOL

Awaiting comments for satisfaction

Praise comes with effort…right?

Pulled down when no feedback is given

Rollercoaster of emotions after posting

Overwhelmed when new followers, likes, comments appear!

Value in what I write brought UPWARDS in my mind

Awaiting comments for satisfaction

Love for what I do bound by others’ view..why?


Approval is a strange driving force in most people’s lives. It can spring them into peer pressure, or make someone work harder because they know they are being watched. However, the lack of approval and praise can have a lasting impact on the amount of effort one puts into something. I am loving the March SOL and blogging, and I mainly do it for my own self-reflection! I have fun with my posts – BUT when I don’t get any response on posts that I really loved and work the hardest on, it can damper the mood a bit on my excitement. How has society trained us all to need that approval in order to find enjoyment in what we do? I don’t like the obsessive checking on whether a post got liked or my blog stats, but if I am putting myself out there in a more personal way (like writing), I want it to be seen and liked! I know a lot of it has to do with certain tags that people don’t look up, or the timing of post on the SOL..but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to re-post or alter tagging to make my writing popular.


personal day 12, started late! (going to do 31 days, just on my own into April)

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