Colorful Carrots DAY 21/31 March SOL

Today is my second Veggetti Variation – I haven’t used it that much because I have so many other options for food! Like using my crockpot to make stews, making some of my favorite cookbook recipes, eating at my parents’ or on the go. BUT I still love the fun that comes with the Veggetti! I bought some assorted carrots at the local farmer’s market this past weekend, and just had to use them to make some pasta 🙂 I had never eaten PURPLE food until I sliced the carrots up! I did end up slicing my finger as well, the carrots are much skinnier than zucchini or squash. The cover image is my dinner of the Colorful Carrots Creation (with a side of veggies) and I wrote a haiku below.

Purple and yellow 

Made carrots as Veggetti

With tomato sauce!

personal day 13, started late! (going to do all 31 days, just into April on my own)

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