Exhausted of my energy! DAY 24/31 March SOL

I have only been teaching at the school for a few days, and the actual teaching has been fine – BUT the mental stress of lesson planning for after spring break has just killed my brain. I can barely think and go to bed very early after the days..:p I have sorted out a way to plan without getting overwhelmed though. I am going to do one subject every day – focus on gathering the materials and what I plan to do each day for a week. It will still be a lot for me to handle because I have never lesson planned on my own. I got support from the other two teachers for where to pull material, but it will still be quite different! I am trying to stay calm and just take each day at a time, so as not to worry. I am also not going to think about it this weekend (at least not at the front of my mind!) So I can have a bit of a break before I plan.



Personal day 16, started late! (going to finish all 31 into April)


4 thoughts on “Exhausted of my energy! DAY 24/31 March SOL

  1. 🌹🌹 Hannah ~
    Excellent strategy! Enjoy your weekend rejuvenating your soul!! Teaching ~ the hardest, but most rewarding job in the world. 😘

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