Cuddles from your cat DAY 25/31 March SOL

One of the best things about having a pet is their unconditional love for you! They can be the best after a long day when you collapse on the bed, and they come in for cuddles. I love Mr. P so much and can just stroke him for ages 🙂 It is very cathartic and they don’t understand any of the troubles that you have been through in your day. Patches has been the best greeter when I come back exhausted from teaching. I wrote a little “Ode to Patches”

Puts a smile on my face

Always sprints to see me

Took my heart instantly

Can’t get enough!

Hugs are the best

Easy to love

Snuggles snuggles snuggles



Personal day 17, started late (going to finish all 31 on my own afterwards)!

5 thoughts on “Cuddles from your cat DAY 25/31 March SOL

  1. Our cat, Slick, passed away early last fall and we’ve not found a Siamese cat to replace him. This slice reminds me about him, but in a good way. He was very playful, with a loud purr, and a mischievous soul.

    Thank you for this slice, both for the happiness you share with us and the memories you’ve brought back. 🙂

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