Patches the Humanimal (DAY 30/31 MARCH SOL)

Hello! This is Nathan (Hannah’s husband). Hannah invited me on today to highlight one of my favorite posts about our cat, Patches.

Patch was a mysterious old fella, with a grab bag of bizarre habits and behaviors that seemed to get bigger every month. Whether it was through his obsession with cheese, bath water, balloon strings, or stinky shoes, Patches always found his own unique way to maneuver through our human world.

Here’s a post from 2020 that touches on his endearing curiosity: Part of your world

This song (with the new lyrics) became one of the many songs we used to sing to Patches while we spent time together. We always felt lucky to have him as a part of our world!

4 thoughts on “Patches the Humanimal (DAY 30/31 MARCH SOL)

  1. Aw Patches, drinking the tub water. Cats are such wonderful weird little guys. My cat Pickles waits outside the bathroom for his turn to leap into the tub as the water is draining out. Another weird little guy! Thanks for highlighting an enjoyable post and sharing more of Patches’s quirks.

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