Grief getting easier (DAY 28/31 MARCH SOL)

As we get closer to completing the challenge of slicing for 31 days, I recognize that you are coming into my thoughts more.

You wrote the final post on March 31 2022 and then passed away suddenly on the afternoon of April 3.

I just finished watching the 2023 season of the tv show that your post was about. It is called Winterwatch and is a British nature show that you enjoyed with me.

I am now happier when I think about you and share stories from your life. But it doesn’t mean that it isn’t painful sometimes.

Below are some pictures from your final week. I still wish we were more prepared but I don’t think that would have made losing you any easier.

Last week on a podcast I heard, a musician named H Hawkline said “Grief is like a garden full of things you don’t remember planting, and it can take a long time to learn how to look after it” and I think it’s a pertinent place to end. Love you always, Little Peep.

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