Discovering my nom de plume (DAY 29/31 MARCH SOL)

This post is using the prompt from The Procrastinor’s Weekly Prompt . It was all about pen names as an author. I chose the second one where they gave me a link that creates my new name.

I am now Harper Powers, which has a fun ring to it! Harper writes fantasy novels with silly talking animals and vivacious young women on a mission to get what they deserve. Harper wants to stay aloof about her life but always has a pet and is married.

The pen name generator also had some vey interesting information about why people chose certain names and how to decide. It’s called Reedsy.

I never really thought whether I’d want people to know who I am if a became a published author or not. It would be nice to get the recognition but since my content is often a little “out there,” I wouldn’t want some people in my life to think it’s bizarre or judge me. Of course, I know no one very close to me would be rude if they didn’t like it!

This website came up with a fun concept and pretty good name – Harper Powers’ books may hit your shelves one day 😉

10 thoughts on “Discovering my nom de plume (DAY 29/31 MARCH SOL)

  1. How fun! I think about how much I want to reveal when I’m slicing in March. Though being a published author would be cool, I’m not sure I would want to be in the spotlight either. I might have to give the site a try.

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  2. Harper Powers is a memorable nom de plume. It sounds like you had fun selecting it. Thanks for providing the link to Procrastinators – I will be following them for inspiration.

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