Exercising for de-stressing DAY 26/31 March SOL

Working out after a long day of teaching has become something that I look forward to. It really helps me forget about the stress for about an hour and have fun! I enjoy Pound, Barre Method, and Zumba as my regular daily classes. The endorphins that are released afterwards help energize my mind to continue through the night. If you simply go home after work, your mind just settles into the funk of thinking about everything that went wrong with the day or what you still to do for success the next day. Some people de-stress with TV or reading, which I enjoy doing as well – however, there is something different that you get from working out. I take Tuesday nights off to relax in another way, but enjoy my evenings of exercise πŸ™‚



personal day 18, started late! (going to complete 31 days on my own in April)

10 thoughts on “Exercising for de-stressing DAY 26/31 March SOL

  1. I am in a time of being too lazy to work out. I know I feel better when I do it, but have noticed there are times in my life that I just don’t. I’ve been in the lazy slump for awhile, so am thinking the motivated time is about ready to take over. I’m looking forward to it because, you are right, it’s way better than settling into the funk of thinking about everything that went wrong that day.

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  2. I agree-excercise is my best stress relief! I love how you enjoy a variety of workouts. I LOVE the barre method when I tried it…need to get back to a class soon. Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

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