Haircut Conundrum DAY 27/31 March SOL

Since highschool, I have pretty much had the same haircut – I tried bangs for a few months Senior Year, BUT normally, I just get my hair trimmed a few inches and re-layered.

I am getting my haircut tomorrow and I feel like doing something a bit different! I don’t want to go as drastic as the purple bob wig but would like it to look distinct from my regular hair (in the beanie pic). I am nervous to chop my hair, which is silly I know because it grows back. But it will be quite a few months before it grows out a lot..

At the moment, I think I want to cut it either shoulder-length or just a bit below.

I usually trim my hair to be at about the bottom of my armpit so either of those would be quite a big change! I will take suggestions though, if you can visualize something 🙂


personal day 19, started late! (going to complete 31 days, just on own in April)

6 thoughts on “Haircut Conundrum DAY 27/31 March SOL

  1. I always want to make a big change with my hair, but usually just keep it the same. I know what to do with that! I think your hair wuold look great just below the shoulders! still long, but different enough! And now I’m thinking I’ll write about my hair tomorrow. thanks for the inspirations!

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  2. My vote goes to chopping it! But I’d wait for summer. I am a long-hair girl but every 3-4 years I chop it super short and donate it. I think it’s good and brave for me personally so I don’t keep my beauty and confidence wrapped up in my hair, and I like showing my school age daughter that it’s fun to play with hair, and you can feel pretty and strong with long or short hair. Plus I’m doing a good thing. Do you have enough to donate? Have you ever done it? Go for it! And like you said, it’ll always grow back!

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    1. I agree that it is great to feel confident with different lengths of hair, and I do! But it takes some getting used to – I don’t have enough to donate it. I cut my hair about every 6-9 months which means it never gets long enough for the 7 inches you need to donate. I like the idea though! Thanks for the suggestions 🙂


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