Soothed by sketching to songs DAY 28/31 March SOL

Last night, my boyfriend (Nathan) and I decided to try out something similar to #doodleaday (which I saw from another slicer!). We both love music so much, which meant we HAD to draw for the length of a song. We were going to just do a quick doodling session for one song, but it turned out to be too fun! We listened to four different songs and used markers, colored pens, or chalk. It was very interesting doing this activity with someone else. At the start of the songs, we would both listen for a second to get the vibe of the lyrics or the melody then just go at it!

I have quite a lot of music on my phone (about 5 GB!) and I didn’t want to be biased with what songs were chosen. Therefore, the fate of our drawings was left up to shuffle! It turned out to pick four VERY distinct songs – “Jawbreaker” by Dead Weather followed by “You and I” by Margaret Glaspy, then “Tragedy” by Norah Jones and lastly, “January Hymn” by Decemberists.

The first song was an instant grabbing of dark markers and need for jagged lines when Nathan heard it – it begins with such an intense guitar riff! My brain hadn’t really processed that I should be drawing during these songs because I was just singing along and enjoying the rocky tones until at the least the first chorus ha! But then, I settled in to the lyrics and some emotional style. I had fun smearing blue chalk all over my picture 🙂

doodle post (1) jawbreaker

“You and I” is much more pop rock in its rhythms, and a bit deeper with the lyrical emotions. I love Margaret Glaspy so my mood was instantly happy! Wanting to connect with the partners (like you and I), I grabbed two colors and began swirling them around the page. I had fun with this one, making it really colorful and drawing different designs. Nathan felt more of the lyrics and so drew a melancholy vibe.

doodle post (3) you and i

Norah Jones’ jazzy style set a different tone, as you can imagine. This song was very sad! We both pulled from the lyrics and connected the narrator to loss and his eventual death. These were our favorites when we looked back at all of them 🙂 I love the little guy that I drew holding up the umbrella with all his burdens weighing it down and the tears falling from the sky.

doodle post (2) tragedy

Lastly, the Decemberists “January Hymn” mellowed us out in a more positive way. I started off drawing the sun and a path for repeating yourself, whereas Nathan took from the word January and his interpretation.

doodle post (4) january hymn

Overall, this was so engaging! I am glad I decided to try #doodleaday because it got my creative juices flowing in a new way. I was worried that not being an “artist” would make me struggle with this challenge, but it was much simpler than that to express through colors and lines and words. Also, I think my stick figure person is so adorable 😮



personal day 20, started late! (going to finish all 31 days, just on my own in April)

2 thoughts on “Soothed by sketching to songs DAY 28/31 March SOL

  1. This is interesting. I’ll have to look into it. I love the idea of combining art/doodling with music, and your playlist is excellent. I think I’ll have to do this with my tutor kids! Great slice. Love that you showed your examples. Made the writing really flow nicely.

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    1. ya it was very fun! I’m sure kids will love it as a break from homework or something 🙂 the actual #doodleaday challenge has different prompts but I like playing to a song. glad you enjoyed the songs intermixed!

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